May 07, 2015

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I keep telling myself that if my art is my career, I should take it like a real job. That's the force to push myself get into work. A full time artist is an entrepreneur. You are independent, self-directed and self-reliance professional. Creating your arts is a kind of production; and, selling your arts is a kind of business. I am not trying to commercialize the artist career; however, if you think out of your 'artistic-box', it's really nothing different from the actual business.

The recent setup of my studio. I like to change it from time to time.

Being an artist, or any self-employed professionals, we have the flexibility and independence that most professionals desire for. You have control over almost everything: your workplace, your work style, your organizing method, and most importantly, your time. You can choose to sleep until sunset and working throughout the night. You can make any decision you like, no boring meeting with your colleagues and bosses is required. You can grab your luggage and plan your vacation spontaneously, without the need of going through your boss's approval. Isn't it great? There's always a con come after pro. This limitless power of control can be the worst pest of your artist career. Without proper control, this power could eat up your productivity, making a nest for your procrastination; soon, you become nothing. It's true. If you don't make art, you can't call yourself artist. If your art feed you, you need to make art constantly.

ART : Unexpainable

April 29, 2015

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It's about two to three months ago, I started this piece of work with the techniques I learnt from classical atelier methods, such as block-in, grisaille painting, light concepts, gesture etc. I was taking this piece as a self-assessment to measure how much I have learn through the training. Surprisingly, I'm thrilled to see a huge improvement.

This painting is my first piece of completed painting since I started my home atelier training. I was experimenting my new skills and the idea of 'abstract-realism', somewhere fall within abstract and realistic. Or you could say surrealism. I'm still need lots of study to understand all the art genre and art history.

Drawing Prepping

October 17, 2014

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Before starting any drawing, we need to get ready the tools and materials. One of the most essential tool prepping for drawing is pencil sharpening. You can't draw well if your pencils are not sharpened! Previously, I sharpened my pencils with a sharpener. It's easiest and cleanest method. However, I learnt that some artists don't use pencil sharpener; instead, they prefer the classical way by using a knife and sand paper. I barely remember there is one artist said you won't go back to sharpener when you used a knife-sharpened pencil. I was quite curious yet I never try it until today.

To sharp a pencil with a knife, you need these two things - a utility knife and sandpaper. If you don't like your hands get dirty, wear gloves.

The typical pencil sharpener give a short arrow-head pencil point. The expose pointy lead is wide and short, which will dull after short while of drawing. You don't want to sharpen your pencils again and again while you are focusing on drawing.

Back To The Beginning

October 09, 2014

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This is my own believing: everyone are capable to make art by repeatedly practicing and/or learning through imitation of the works by their admiring artists; most of the times, the result can be very good. However, without proper foundation of drawing and painting fundamental knowledges, they might not be able to build their own style and create from memory or imagination. In such condition, they look like a "soulless artist". And, I was one of them.

"Waiting for True Love" 2010, Watercolor & Digital Touch-up by Lavennz Ooi

I had discovered my interest in art since my first drawing in two decades ago. My parents did not send me to art class even though they were quite supportive, encouraging me to practice drawing at home. When I grew older, I found my other interest in songwriting; thus, slightly pushing drawing to one side. At the age of deciding my future, I had neither taking songwriting nor drawing as my future career, but I was enrolled into engineering degree. Then here come the turning point of my life, I picked up my brushes again when I was doing my second year degree, which triggered my inner creativity; since then, I have never let go my brushes.