Thank You, Miss You


"Thank You, Miss You"<br> 14"x18" oil & silver leaf on wood

One of my favorite criminal/thriller movie I like is “Leon: The Professional”. For an upcoming group show with a theme related to cop & criminal movies, I choose this movie as a base of my painting.

The painting is depicting the mixed feelings of Mathilda, the little girl played by young Natalie Portman, in the last scene of the movie, after the death of Leon, the hitman. With the heavy sadness of loosing Leon mixing with satisfaction of her revenge, she need to be strong and start a new life. Her life remain in the same world but the one she miss is in another clueless world, just like shadow.

Have you heard of “Drawing on The Past” project curated by & Herschel Supply? If you like drawing, you can get more information from their website. This project is open to anyone who doesn’t need to be an artist, someone who not normally draw, but have a story to tell them who, where or what have influenced you positively in the past. Don’t you think it’s exciting, especially you can introduce the one we cherish to world through your own drawing?

And the drawing on top is my submission and here is my story: 

The most important person in my life other than my parents is this man. This man discovered my talent and passion in art when I was still believing I should be an engineer for the rest of my life. He was the one there for me when I was almost giving up my dream to be an artist. He is the man who understand and accept my weaknesses, encouraged and influenced me becoming a better person. Then, this man gave me a ring and a life of full time artist without worrying about food and bills. And yes, this man is my beloved husband, Shawn Lee.

Both of us met when we were in University located in a busy city. He was from the south of my home country, Malaysia and I was from the north. Both of us move to the city, Kuala Lumpur, middle of my country, and met each other. This is what we call, the fate. As a symbol of the place we met, I draw the high rise buildings to reassemble the city but these buildings are just my imagination. You can’t find them in Kuala Lumpur actually :P

Besides, the gold leaf paper plane is another symbol talking about flying toward my dream. Gold is always a treasure, which describing the importance of a dream is and pleasure to moving toward achieving. Then, everything are revolving around the man in the center, which convey the connection between the planes and city.

11”x14”  Graphite, Pastel & Gold Rub on Coffee-stained Paper  2014
Work completed in spring by using my old technique: drawing with graphite on coffee-stained paper; but, a new tool added, i.e. PanPastel. I am still experimenting this new medium, not sure if i like it but so far, I’m not very good in using it, haha. The problem I’m having with it is the sponge get broken easily if I press it while painting. Then, it produced dusts from the sponge which I have to keep brush away dust while painting. If you are wondering about the richer yellow colors of chrysanthemum compare to the background, and you might guessed the answer. It’s painted with yellow ochre PanPastel. However, the globes around the girl were painting with Gold Rub, a type of painting beeswax.
The progress photo from my instagram. I started outlined the figure roughly with 4H pencil, then shading the face to body with B, 2B and 6B for darker area. Then, I drew the flowers with pencils and PanPastel. In the end, I added the globes and axis with pencil and gold rub. The process sounds simple but it took a lot of time, especially the flowers.