New work completed for SPRING! Back to my old technique, drawing with graphite on coffee-stained paper; but, a new tool added, i.e. PanPastel. I am still experimenting this new medium, not sure if i like it but so far, I'm not very good in using it, haha. The problem I'm having with it is the sponge get broken easily if I press it while painting. Then, it produced dusts from the sponge which I have to keep brush away dust while painting. If you are wondering about the richer yellow colors of chrysanthemum compare to the background, and you might guessed the answer. It's painted with yellow ochre PanPastel. However, the globes around the girl were painting with Gold Rub, a type of painting beeswax.


The progress photo from my instagram. I started outlined the figure roughly with 4H pencil, then shading the face to body with B, 2B and 6B for darker area. Then, I drew the flowers with pencils and PanPastel. In the end, I added the globes and axis with pencil and gold rub. The process sounds simple but it took a lot of time, especially the flowers.

Graphite, Pastel & Gold Rub on Coffee-stained Paper

Update of "King For A Day" Show

I saw some opening photos of "King For A Day" show in Hero Complex Gallery, LA, last Friday in the internet. They make me envy and wanna fly over there to join the show. Anyway, I'm still happy that the opening was happening and successful. If you interested to purchase my piece "And Then The World Exploded" from Hero Complex Gallery, you can either walk-in to the show, that show through April 6; otherwise, you can purchase the original and the prints online. The gallery was very kind to help me photograph and made the prints, which is enlarges to 16"x12", limited edition of 35 and selling at $35 only. For more, please visit to this link or contact Hero Complex Gallery.

King of A Day Group Show

I'm so happy to announce that one of my new work will be showing in Hero Complex Gallery in March 21. The show is an art tribute to Stephen King, where all the artworks were inspired by his works, and A portion of all proceeds of the show will benefit Mr. King's charity of choice, The Haven Foundation, a non-profit service that serves to benefit freelance creatives of all types who have found themselves unable to work due to disease or accident.

My work is on it's long way to LA from my studio in South Portland. I pray it will arrive safely everyday since I passed it to UPS. And if you happened in LA, and if you coincidently have nothing to do and your eyes need some arts, you are invited to visit the show's opening on March 21, 2014 from 7pm to 10pm. Hero Complex Gallery is located at 2020 South Robertson Blvd. STUDIO D and understand that they have the best 24 hr. free parking on Hillsboro, to the south.

I won't be in the opening or any day of the show, so I really hope if any of you visited there, please take a photo of my work and share with me, either email or instagram or facebook or twitter. Thanks for your help in advance.

Here's a larger resolution of my work:

"And Then The World Exploded"
Acrylic, color pencil, ink and gold beeswax on Paper
Feb 2014

Being inspired by "Carrie", this painting depicts her dual personalities; where one is the normal her who is shy, weak and less confidence; while another one is out of her control when she got angry and nervous. The little men, the red thread and the background colors are describing the unfortunate events occurred on her, such as being bullied by her schoolmates and being abused by her mother. Nonetheless, she has a superpower, i.e. telekinesis, which became very powerful and lost control when she startled, angry and anxious, causing the horrible fire and murders in that prom night. The main purpose of this painting is to bring out the emotion and personalities changes of a person who has been suffer by bullying and abusing for sometimes.

It's a little too late for me to work in oil when i received the invitation. Thus, I choose acrylic over oil though i like oil more than acrylic. And it's surprise me that the painting come out nicely though i have only one week to work on it. Guess I'm on of the person who can give a better result in limited time?!

I wish this year will be a good year for my art career. I'm looking forward to participate in more shows and there are some juried shows call-for-artists pinned on my board. I must scheduled well in order to meet the due date. Wish me lucks!

You Who Hold The Justice Study

A small study for a painting in my plan. It's useful for me to study the light, shadow and shapes before i start my painting. I use charcoal, pencil, color pencil and ink on toned-grey paper for this drawing.

However, I am not quite sure when will I work on the painting. I just created a few projects that will due soon and the theme is not quite similar to this one. I might keep it for future. Nonetheless, I had listed this drawing in my shop. I think a digital copy and a print copy will be good enough for my reference during painting. So if you would like to purchase this, you can visit to my shop for more.

Imprisoned by Secular Views

I can feel that my 2014 is different, and a good starting point for my art career. I am moving closer to a style that I like and I want to move deeper to claim as my own style. About two weeks ago, I completed this painting and I was just wow, this the style i like. I have not research on art history and style, but I know it fall within new contemporary category, and I find myself like to use different objects as a symbol represent an event or a thing. Besides, I tends to look for my theme around the common weakness and loves, at least this is what I believe now.

"Imprisoned by Secular Views"
Oil on Wood

Secular views in the title is telling about the common thinkings and ideas of public, such as the trend and ordinary views that affecting we make our choice. These views tends to telling us what should we do, what we shouldn't do, but they are not always correct. For example, people will tell you to take graphic design instead of fine art in college because they believe that graphic design has a better future. 

I myself was a victim on secular views when I was choosing my course in Uni. That's the reason I end up with an engineering degree. However, I had finally pushed away these views and try to pursue my art career. 

In this painting, I was trying to tell about how weak we are to be easily imprisoned by the secular views, which may come from ourselves, direct family, relatives, friends then social. The prisoner of secular views are always have their own thinkings to tell but they failed, because they were blocked or locked by the secular views (as an arrow in the painting). Of cause, these own thinkings are always the opposite of what others told (the red little men in the painting) ; otherwise, he won't be miserable and limit by what peoples told him. 

I really wish you can get the meaning that I tried to deliver through this painting. It's not easy to describe in words for me. And here are some progress photos from my Instagram.

The detail: